About us

The internet in Myanmar kinda sucks and we want to fix that.
We want it uncapped, unlimited and friendlier than ever. We’re calling it the Internet Revolution, and we want you with us as we challenge our industry and work towards a better—and faster—and cheaper tomorrow.

Vision and Mission
Call us rebels, but we strongly believe every home and business in Myanmar should have fast, affordable and reliable access to the internet. No compromise, no barriers, no fuss.

So our mission and vision is crystal-clear:
Affordable 5 Mgbs Fiber Optic or Wireless Internet to all Myanmar households and enterprices.

Ambitious? Absolutely. We’re re-thinking, re-wiring and re-imagining the internet for homes and businesses and schools and hospitals in Mandalay and Mandalay region these days.

Join us and find out how great the internet can be.



Our Team


Roger Quest
Roger is the founder and CEO of vnet. Myanmar. He has 20 years of corporate international experience in Sales & Marketing. He travels a world a lot and stil enjoys that after so many years. He loves e-commerce and all connected to it. He enjoys speed (especially internet speed) so he really wants to provide everybody in Myanmar with the luxury of having high speed, good quality reliable internet for the most affordable prices. He is also a founder of JobsInYangon.com and JobsInMandalay.com providing everyone with equal chance to apply for any job in Myanmar. Wanna internet connection? He is the ONE to write to: info@vnet.com.mm

Jaro Rydlo
Jaro is control system and network developer. Last 15 years he had been engaged in network development and management. He is acting as Technical director of vnet and CIE. He also manages the team responsible for horizontal directional drill machines. Recently he has been focused on server virtualization. He is obssesed with healtly organic food and loves gardening. He is a technical Guru of vnet and once you need a tech advice, he is the ONE.